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If you are arrived here, they have a reason. You have the responsibility to save this patient, he absolutely wants to get out of this hospital.

In this original platform game, you have to learn about the patient's hallucinations to help him get out.
Good luck

Dev: Atlas, jookeer37
Game Designer: Perfid, Keromas
Game Artist: Shiro, Keromas, Cachalot
Sound Designer: Cachalot
Level Designer: Keromas
Tester: Bloodrider

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The game is weird. But good weird. The puzzles were simple at the beginning and then. They drove me mad, well done !

Thank you so much for the feedback !

I love the music and the game fell, the game switching between scenes was kinda wierd, but i still like it! good job

Thank you very much for your feedback hope you had a good time